The Common Purpose Massive Online Innovation Community (MOIC) for CSCLeaders brings together alumni from around the world in an online community to consult and collaborate with fellow leaders in order to develop innovative solutions to real-life challenges.



The demand for new thinking, for new ideas and for innovation has seldom been greater - whether to achieve more with less, or simply to achieve more; to break away from standard solutions; to see things with fresh eyes; or to connect the parts. Thinking that transcends boundaries, generations and sectors.

What is a Massive Online Innovation Community (MOIC)?

A MOIC brings together alumni from around the world in an online community to consult and collaborate with fellow leaders in order to develop innovative solutions to real-life challenges. 

MOIC Benefits for CSCLeaders Alumni

  • Continue to develop your global network
  • Share your challenge
  • Broaden your thinking - further developing CQ
  • Get feedback on ideas
  • Recapture the excitement of CSCLeaders


We believe that to be a better leader you need to learn to become a great innovator too. By joining the MOIC, alumni become part of an exciting community of innovators who are seeking to respond to the challenges set.


Challenges will be real-world ones which are common and compelling, and big (enough to be worth the effort), yet small (enough to be grasped). They will be posed by alumni, as well as decision and policy makers from the private, public and voluntary sectors seeking input and innovation from the community of alumni.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Described as 'the ability to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures', Cultural Intelligence will be familiar to those who have completedCSCLeaders.

Our alumni already understand the value of diversity and of working through issues with people who think differently. The scale and diversity of this global community means that alumni will be engaging and working together with leaders from across the world as they tackle challenges, taking their CQ development to a completely new stage.


Join the MOIC

You need to be a graduate or a participant of a CSCLeaders programme to participate in the MOIC. 

Already graduated? Log in to see what is happening right now. 





Immersion | A space for research with stake holders, your network and beyond to better understand the Challenge

Group work | A chance to form groups and get support from fellow Alumni to develop your initial ideas

Consultation | An opportunity for peers and the Challenge setter to provide feedback and suggestions

Presentation | The final pitch of your refined idea


"Collaboration across cultures, sectors and ages is key to enable innovation"




InnoVenture process has been used to tackle Challenges with leaders from Europe, India, China, Zimbabwe, Libya, the Commonwealth and the Arab region. It has produced innovative and practical ideas - many of which have been prototyped - to tackle Challenges such as how...

"…do you get societal - as well as economic - value out of technological innovation?"

"…can we improve health and social care for the elderly?"

"…could carbon emissions be reduced by 50% in five years?"

"…is a 40% increase in effective water management possible?"

"…can heart surgery at $1,000 become a reality?"

Now we are taking this process online.  Log in to find out which challenges are live at this time and see what is happening right now.


Our technology partner for the MOIC is Crowdicity, a cloud based enterprise and social idea management platform that helps drive innovation through collaboration. Clients such as United Nations, TEDx, LEGO, P&G, John Lewis, Deloitte, the NHS and the WWF all use Crowdicity's software to engage employees, partners and customers to address the unique challenges they face. Born out of a need to solve real-world problems, Crowdicity empowers organisations to push the boundaries of traditional thinking and provide a space where people from all walks of life can log-on, share ideas and insights - paving the way for real-world, transformational change.

Crowdicity harnesses the individuals of an internal, external or hybrid Crowd to source, refine and select ideas, insights and opinions from the Crowd in response to a Challenge posed. The result is a powerful tool for idea generation, problem solving and innovation management. Crowdicity has a comprehensive feature set and the uses Crowdicity's clients find for the platform continue to surprise and surpass expectation; these can be grouped together loosely into three categories:

  • Co-creation - innovation within an organisation;
  • Open innovation - with externally sourced input; and
  • Market research




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