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CSCLeaders Challenge: A Youth Perspective


Each year the CSCLeaders Curriculum Think Tank sets a challenge which addresses a fundamental issue of today.

The 2014 Challenge is:

How do you get societal - as well as economic - value out of technological innovation?
You will have your own experiences, opinions and expertise to draw upon when you think about and explore this challenge. We will also be sending you links to relevant articles on different themes related to the challenge to stimulate your thinking.

Here are some interesting articles on youth and innovation. Please share your thoughts as well as any reports, articles or blogs which you come across related to the CSCLeaders Challenge with others via LinkedIn.

BYND2015 Global Youth Summit: ICTs hold the key to shape our future
World youth set priorities for post-2015 development agenda.
Have a look at the challenges posed and some of the ideas young people have contributed in the 'archived' section here:

Africa: Empowering the Disabled Through Elearning
All Africa, October 2013
The link between disability and poverty is, in the words of the World Bank, "strong, and goes in both directions". Many people with disabilities struggle to survive every day in the wake of conflicts and wars, which swell their numbers. This exacerbates the delivery of basic services hitting the disabled, especially women, even harder. Stigma and exclusion from education often prevail. Thus simply accessing the fundamental right to education becomes precarious.

The work of a group in Ghana shows that e-readers could be a far more practical way to raise literacy levels than paper books
The Guardian, September 2013
In a dusty schoolroom in Kade, a small town 75 miles from Accra, the capital of Ghana, 40-odd children sit on rickety wooden benches, in front of equally rickety desks. Kade has a population of 16,500, and its main business is the local mine: a rich source of gold and diamonds. These children don't see a lot of the mine's produce, but in front of them, on those rickety desks, sits something unexpected and of potentially greater value in the long term: brand new e-readers.


Innovation in renewable-energy technologies is booming
MIT News, October 2013
New study shows that research investments and growing markets have fueled a huge rise in new patents.

Beyond 'out-of-the-box': Youth and innovation in Bangladesh
NO youth issues should be discussed without the youth. With 60% of Bangladeshis under the age of 30, the country has one of the largest youth populations in the world. Bangladesh's march to middle-income status needs to be led by the next generation and their innovations, determination and optimism. The flight of the country's success depends on ensuring greater space for the youth to be leaders, change agents, decision makers.

100 Women: Why tech needs a makeover to attract girls
The UK has a massive skills gap. Only 17% of the UK's tech jobs are held by women. In Stem subjects generally women make up just 13% of the workforce. In engineering women fare even worse, taking up just 8% of the jobs.

Commonwealth Junior Election Professionals initiative launched in India
21 October 2013
The Commonwealth today launched its first training event for junior election professionals in New Delhi, India.
The six-day programme, attended by election professionals from 23 national election management bodies from across the Commonwealth, will examine the role of technology in elections - particularly as it relates to voter education, voter registration and election day operations.

Gilding the gum tree - scientists strike gold in leaves
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Geoscientists in Perth have discovered gold particles in the leaves, twigs and bark of eucalyptus trees, claiming a "eureka" moment which could revolutionise gold mining.
Eucalyptus trees in the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia are drawing up gold particles from the earth via their root system and depositing it in their leaves and branches.



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