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CSCLeaders for Students Success

CSCLeaders for Students goes from strength to strength following the recent programmes in Dubai, Singapore and London. So far, 75 universities globally have sent students on the programmes, with 98 nationalities represented across the 500+ applications received in the last year. Assessments across all five programmes show a 90% value for time average.

In 2014 conferences are planned for Boston, Trinidad and Tobago, Mumbai, London and Dubai with more to be confirmed.

What our contributors said:

"All of our leaders enjoyed the opportunity to work with the students and we were very proud to sponsor and host it. What began for many as 'yet another item in the calendar' soon became so compelling that Group Advisors gave up additional time from their busy days to continue coaching their groups."
Hayden Majajas, Diversity & Inclusion Director, Asia Pacific, BP

"Tomorrow's talent is, for me, an easy subject to get enthusiastic about (emotive). It is heartening to have witnessed the compassionate thought process of some young people: determined to make future society a more efficient and caring environment (not to mention a few future millionaires in that group as well…..). To this end, I found it a truly profound experience."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my participation and greatly benefitted from it. I believe I received more than I gave."
Kamlesh Manek, Head of Finance, Middle East, DLA Piper

Inter-generational engagement with CSCLeaders Alumni:

CSCLeaders alumni who have contributed to the student programmes include: Will Anderson, Director, Brunswick; Danny Rich, CEO, Liberal Judaism; Dal Babu, Ex Borough Commander, Metropolitan Police; Chris Tan, Senior Correspondent, The Straits Times; Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Eco Advisory and Catherine Clark, Deputy Director, The Royal Commonwealth Society. Catherine said of the experience:

"It was really exciting to see the fresh ideas and energy in the room and in the way they presented the students presented their projects. Seeing so many different cultures working together was fascinating."

What the students say...

"This was an amazing experience. I learnt a lot about how leadership is truly in all of us and it is about sharing to go forward. Thank you very much."
Staycie Domzalski, Student, Imperial College (Participant, CSCLeaders for Students 2013, London)

"It was a great opportunity to be a part of this prestigious programme. I cannot explain in words how much I am taking back from here. I am honoured to have been a part of it and met such inspiring leaders."
Surbhi Agarwal, Student, Heriot-Watt University (Participant, CSCLeaders for Students 2013, Dubai)

Challenge Outcomes

In 2013, students explored the CSCLeaders challenge: how do you get societal - as well as economic - value out of technological innovation?  Some of the projects that have been devised are:


A one stop online portal for specialist medical services
• Those lacking access to certain medical services often don't know where to look to access them
• This website will list specialist medical services and enable patients to arrange appointments, access clinical trials and funding for their treatment
• It will also offer travel and accommodation services for those travelling internationally for their treatment.

Anti-slip shoe technology to reduce injuries suffered by the elderly through falls
• 17% per annum of elderly slip or fall with many not found for many hours
• The anti slip sole is stuck to the bottom of their shoes
• It contains a GPS tracking device and also a pressure point measure, both are linked to an app on a family member's phone so that they know where they are and can be alerted if they fall.


Subterranean housing for young professionals to meet the demand for affordable housing
• They plan on utilising space underground that isn't been used, such as disused underground stations and car parks, coupled with modern lighting and ventilation technology
• Alongside tackling the affordable housing crisis this will also lessen commuting times, reduce the pressure on the transport system into London and create strong central London communities.

Turn London's pedestrians into a sustainable energy resource through the use of energy harvesting tiles
• They will target areas with heavy footfall and place the tiles in the pavement, the energy generated can power local services such as streetlamps and road signs
• Energy will be sold and the profits generated will be invested in to local charities for social development projects.


Piezo Running - running on crystals
• Aims to reduce energy consumption and promote healthy living
• Piezo electric crystals release energy when compressed. They would be placed in shoes to produce voltage through everyday wearing pressure
• The voltage created is stored in the shoe via a capacitor and then using an inbuilt Integrated Circuit microchip the energy is transferred via WiFi to an app in electrical devices at home to charge them.

Each one teaches one programme
• Share the gift of education through the provision of an internet connected computer in poor communities using innovations like balloon internet connectivity and USB dongles to reach out to marginalised communities
• Students will share their knowledge of their subjects of study with people in these communities via Skype on these computers
• It would start with local communities but could then be broadened globally
• Universities will be approached to make this volunteering credit bearing and part of their courses.

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