CSCLeaders Outcomes: Innovative responses to global challenges

Each year, CSCLeaders assembles diverse senior leaders from across the Commonwealth and sets them a difficult Challenge. This Challenge underpins the leadership learning on CSCLeaders. Participants tackle the Challenge, share ideas and collaborate on projects and solutions in response to the Challenge, revealing just how innovative they can be in diverse groups. 

Implementing these ideas gives participants a focus for their continuing connections and many alumni continue to build on these projects beyond the programme. Here are some of the most active and exciting project ideas in response to two different Challenges, which are being developed by CSCLeaders network in different parts of the world.

2014 Challenge: How do you get societal as well as economic value from technological innovation?


CSCAmbassadors will support allCSCLeaders graduates as they take action in their respective communities, building a network which will continue to make an impact beyondCSCLeaders.CSCAmbassadors will work to promote theCSCLeaders values and mission and act as a unique cross-border, trans-sectoral leadership community throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.


Health Patch: Empowering individuals and communities through better healthcare

The Health Patch concept is a diagnostic devise worn on your arm, which measures data related to personal health. This electronic Health Patch is a new health monitoring system incorporating biomedical sensors, microelectronics, mobile communication and a battery embedded in a highly flexible skin-like polymer.

Norman Keane is engaging with interested parties and recently met with Tim Unwin, CEO, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation to discuss the idea in more detail. The group are now determining the role their project is going to play going forwards.


Open Governance

The aim of Open Governance is to address the lack of transparency in government revenue collection and use. The project vision is to create an app which will use technology to facilitate two-way communication to create transparency. This will create community value and push government to create automated revenue collection. This project is gaining momentum as Ladi Dariya, Kathy Ann Jerry and Harvey Bischof have been in conversations with PwC. Awaiting a further update from Ladi Dariya on this.


Youth Card: South Africa

The Youth Card will release societal and economic value of our youth, capturing volunteering hours and encouraging young people to engage in the democratic process. It would mobilise youth employment, build value of data for research and develop long term engagement with youth. It could be used in different communities, mobilising education for women and girls. It would also encourage a positive transactional relationship with Government and save on social intervention.

Gillian Drennan, Associate Professor: Geology; Assistant Dean: Faculty of Science, University of Witwatersrand is progressing a version of the Youth Card for Witwatersrand University.


Youth Card: Young India  

The 'Young India' card will release societal and economic value of our youth. It aims to capture volunteering hours and encourage young people to engage in the democratic process. It could mobilise youth employment, build value of data for research and develop long term engagement with youth. It could be used in different communities in different ways. It can help in mobilising education for women and girls, address adolescent issues, build national pride and citizenship. It could also encourage a positive transactional relationship with Government and aid timely social intervention. The vision is that young people of India take responsibility for changing our world now and tackling issues- so they grow up in a country that promotes aspiration, enterprise, opportunity, inclusion and wellbeing.


Education Hub

The vision for Education Hub is literacy, numeracy and life skills for all. It is a sustainable, open source model which is community owned and links educational institutions, Governments, teachers and the Private sector across the world. The aim is to pilot this exciting project in Africa, with the future intent to make it scalable for the rest of the world's remote locations.


Leadership programme for resources development

Leadership programme on specific asset development e.g. natural resources in Africa, maybe even just SADC (southern Africa) or just one country.

2013 Challenge: How do people from communities which have spread across the world become bridge makers in the global networks of the future?


33Fifty is a leadership programme for young Commonwealth citizens aged between 18 and 25 which grew out of CSCLeaders 2013. It aims to develop young people into leaders who bring people together, reconcile differences and lead change - leaders who share the values of the Commonwealth and can use its networks effectively.

The four-day programme will run every four years, coinciding with the Commonwealth Games, forming part of the official programme of cultural and educational events which runs parallel to the Games. 33Fifty will be delivered by a partnership between the Royal Commonwealth Society and Common Purpose.

The first 33Fifty ran between 17 and 20 July, prior to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Read the  Common Purpose blog and find out more about33Fifty.



CommonAge is an organisation set up by Andrew Larpent, CEO of Southern Cross Care (Australia), following CSCLeaders 2013 to advance the interests of older people throughout the Commonwealth by building capability and capacity in health and care services. Its objective is to promote and disseminate learning experience and best practice in aged car service design, development, provision and assurance throughout the Commonwealth with the purpose of improving the quality of life for older citizens in Commonwealth countries. Find out more about CommonAge:


Check out the video highlights from 2013 and 2014. To find out more about any of these projects or to offer your support, email


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