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CSCLeaders 2013 and Vision Africa: my exploration of global leadership

Earlier this year Common Purpose's global leadership programme, CSCLeaders, provided me with the opportunity to meet 95 leaders from around the Commonwealth. The intense programme inspired me to consider carefully my true potential as a leader to inform and to influence on a global landscape.

For many years throughout my career as a police officer, I have been passionate about protecting vulnerable people in our communities: directing investigations in to child abuse and domestic violence and leading campaigns to tackle hate crime. As a female officer I have worked with colleagues to develop policy and change culture to enable women to maximise their potential within the service.

Whilst not seeking to forge a link between these two particular interests, I do believe that to be a successful leader in tackling these diverse issues, you need to have a real understanding and awareness of cultural difference, strong emotional intelligence and of course steely determination and energy to stay the course to bring about change. It took almost ten years to see a tangible change to the representation of women within the British police service and at senior ranks. Success required a change in culture and takes time!

The experience of CSCLeaders made me realise that to bring about lasting change we need to influence a generation, equipping them with the ability to define their future, to have the confidence to challenge the status quo and to achieve outcomes that ensure their communities can flourish. They need to feel safe, to have strong ethical values and to be proud of their achievements. They must be protected from corruption, abuse and intimidation.

In Part Two of CSCLeaders in Mumbai, I learnt of the authorities' ambitious goals to transform the city by investing in infrastructure. But as I visited community groups, families living in the slums and walked through the streets and markets, I felt that these young people should be afforded the opportunity to play a greater role in defining and delivering that change. I couldn't see the correlation in what they were doing today with defining their future.

As a senior police officer I have learnt how easy it is for a leader to implement the transactional process of change. As a global leader we have to engage others to establish networks underpinned through strong ethical values, resilient to challenge and attempts to destabilise commitment and belief.

Global leaders must also understand how culture defines us and our environment and realise that communities must be the drivers of change if it is to have a sustainable impact and influence a change in culture.

CSCLeaders inspired me to consider my next challenge; to take that next step and to explore what it takes to become a global leader.

In October I was given the chance to visit Kenya as an Ambassador for Vision Africa, a UK registered charity committed to equip and empower children and youth for a brighter future, ensuring that they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and make a difference in their families and communities.  On this journey, I focussed on a number of the Millennium Development Goals, in particular education for children, sustainability, feeding programmes, leadership development for girls and young women, and empowerment and I have liaised with representatives of the Kenyan Government and the UN to explore opportunities to enhance this programme.

I return to Kenya in the New Year, inspired by the opportunity to work with young people to develop their confidence and skills to become leaders of their generation for their community.

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