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CSCLeaders 2014 Project Ideas

At CSCLeaders Part One, participants drew on Common Purpose's innovative approach to tackle the Challenge: "how do you get societal - as well as economic - value out of technological innovation?" They then presented practical project proposals in response to this Challenge. Participants are continuing to develop these projects beyond the programme.

Here are some of the exciting ideas which emerged from Part One:


Planet Points
Planet Points is a points-based system for individuals, which aims to create a thriving, equitable and responsible planet. Everyone is given a cloud account with a personal points allowance, which can be accessed via multiple technology channels. Points are credited / debited based on behaviour and consumer products will display 'sustainability' points, similar to the traffic light food labelling system used in the UK. 

Community Challenge
Community Challenge would allow and encourage communities, of any size, from street to street, or mega city to mega city, to make improvements in  areas of their choice - e.g. energy usage, recycling, security, through competing with each other to demonstrate improvements on an individual scale or city scale.  It would allow education of people as to why the challenges are worth taking part in, and would also empower the community & individuals. It is a volunteer-led process, which will harness the energy of individuals within the community to find appropriate solutions. The concept includes leveraging the CSCLeaders network to help communities across the Commonwealth to access the expertise and funding required to meet their challenge.

Mobile Citizen
A mobile citizen engagement platform for local government and citizens, which allows for sharing dialogue, building relationships and bridging the gap between passive citizens and unresponsive government. The platform will work by sending out a message to citizens so they can vote and have a role in decision making. This idea would simplify decision making, enable transparency and a quick response rate.

Youth Card
The Youth Card will release societal and economic value of our youth, capturing volunteering hours and encouraging young people to engage in the democratic process. It would mobilise youth employment, build value of data for research and develop long term engagement with youth. It could be used in different communities, mobilising education for women and girls. It would also encourage a positive transactional relationship with  Government and save on social intervention.

Open Governance
The aim of Open Governance is to address the lack of transparency in government revenue collection and use. The project vision is to create an app which will use technology to facilitate two-way communication to create transparency. This will create community value and push government to create automated revenue collection.

Health Patch
The Health Patch concept is a diagnostic devise worn on your arm, which measures data related to personal health. Health Patch starts and ends with the individual and empowerment to take control of fundamental aspects of their health care. Health Patch is a conceptualization that involves using relatively high-tech but low cost wearable biometric devices that enable real time measurement and analysis of the individual's fundamental health characteristic. Those characteristics can in turn be shared wirelessly with the individual's chosen health care professionals.

CSCAmbassadors will support all CSCLeaders alumni as they take action in their respective communities, building a network which will continue to make an impact beyond CSCLeaders. CSCAmbassadors will work to promote the CSCLeaders values and mission and act as a unique cross-border, trans-sectoral leadership community throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.

LinkMe2 is a web-based service linking young people to young people's services globally in a 'one-stop shop'. It will link agencies, young people's services and young people to each other and will be delivered by young people.

Education Hub
The vision for Education Hub is literacy, numeracy and life skills for all. It is a sustainable, open source model which is community owned and links educational institutions, Governments, teachers and the Private sector across the world.

QiAp is a sustainability application for smart phones and android devices which will monitor the use of resources, water and energy. QiAp will monitor energy consumption, allowing users to view their current energy usage using smart phones or other devices and potentially switch energy suppliers based on the data.

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